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27-30 Août 2019 | LYON - Serious Game and urban studies

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27-30 Août 2019 | LYON - Serious Game and urban studies Empty 27-30 Août 2019 | LYON - Serious Game and urban studies

Message  Admin Jeu 21 Mar - 11:53

We would like to bring your attention to the following Special Session which we are organizing on: ”Serious Games and Urban Studies”, on behalf of the 59th congress of the European Regional Science Association (27 - 30 August 2019, Lyon, France).

Convenor(s): Arnaud Banos (Géographie-cités), Jean Debrie (Géographie-cités), Mathieu Gardrat (LAET), Olivier Klein (LAET), Nathalie Molines (AVENUES-GSU)

See more details on congress themes here : Congress Themes

Submission portal Sign In : Submission portal Sign

Important dates: Deadline for submission of abstracts (and) papers : Extended deadline to March 15th, 23.59, GMT+1

Serious games have been used for many years in education and training, and now have an increasing role in our society. The vast potentials of this medium are now taking shape for various audiences, situations and subjects: healthcare, environment, communication, politics, corporate, defense, etc. Cities also appear to be an ideal playground for serious games. Gamification allows rendering the complexity of the urban system into understandable and playable processes for a wide public. This gamification however raises many questions concerning its role for research and the knowledge of the urban system, as well as for practitioners, such as:

· Data collection and analysis : methods to improve knowledge with games (behaviours, interactions)

· Prospective and scenario calibration: how actual urban stakeholders can help defining scenarios through games?

· Simulation: how games allow modelling(stakeholders’ interactions, land use and transport interactions...)and produce exploitable results?

· Education, training and awareness: helping outreach and dissemination of researches

· Consultation and mediation on specific subjects.

Other uses might of course be of use to researchers. The process of gamification itself also questions the adaptation of theories into practices and their validity. The goal of this session is therefore to discuss the experiences, uses and potentials of city-themed serious games in the field of academic research.

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